Comedian David Mitchell to write for Guardian Faber

Guardian Faber has acquired a new book by actor and comedian David Mitchell. Commissioning editor Laura Hassan bought world rights, all languages, to Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse and Other Lessons from Modern Life from Ivan Mulcahy at Mulcahy Associates.

In the book Mitchell will delight readers “with a tour of the absurdities of modern life – Ryanair to Downton Abbey, sports day to smoking, Poundland to phone etiquette, UKIP to hotdogs made of cats”. The book, described as “funny, provocative and shot through with refreshing amounts of common sense”, will draw from Mitchell’s columns for the Observer and also include new material.

Hassan said: “The book will be filled with David Mitchell’s trademark wit and wisdom. Are you alarmed by the rise of male grooming products? Do you sometimes suspect that the world would be a better place if whenever two people met they should both say sorry, just to clear the air? This is the book for you.”

Mitchell said: ”I am delighted to be working with Guardian Faber. Everyone I’ve met there seems nice which means that, statistically speaking, some of them probably are.
“Also we are agreed that the title ‘I Don’t Care What You Think Either’ was needlessly aggressive, yet somehow tempting. So I reckon I know where they’re coming from. Although I don’t know where they come from, and neither should I care in an egalitarian and nonjudgmental workplace.”

Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse And Other Lessons from Modern Life will be published on 6th November.


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