Jody Sabral’s debut short film to screen at the International Road Movie Festival

Written and directed by Jody Sabral, THE WRONG CAR will premiere at the International Road Movie Festival on the 10th November 2018.

THE WRONG CAR is an ambitious six minute road movie by first time writer/director Jody Sabral about what happens when two people’s worlds collide because of a simple mistake anyone could make. ​ Inspired by a true story, this is a tale about two people at polar opposite places in their lives. Both are equally distracted, but for different reasons, which as it turns out, isn’t the best starting point for any journey.

Starring Sinead Matthews (The Michael Powell award for best performance in a feature film at Edinburgh film festival 2018) as ELLA, carefree and successful she’s in love with life and doesn’t see what’s coming. And, Bill Fellows. (Hull Gong Awards. Gong Foundation Award 2016 for Best Drama) starring as TERRY, at breaking point, he needs help but from who?

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