Jon Walter’s My Name’s Not Friday is the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week.

Jon Walter’s My Name’s Not Friday has been longlisted for the Guardian’s Children’s Fiction Prize 2015 and is the Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week.

Nicolette Jones writes in the Sunday Times:

“Water’s debut novel, Close to the Wind, was an exceptional story about refugees trying to escape a dangerous regime in an unnamed war-torn country. This latest, set during the American Civil War, takes an original approach to the experience of slavery, deftly sidestepping expectations, received opinion and cliché. The story of Samuel, who begins his life in an orphanage, it is amorally complex tale that questions ideas about faith, virtue and wrongdoing. Samuel, sold as a slave, caught up in battle and forming bonds with unexpected people, has a shifting relationship to his God. He finally comes to understand that ‘the world’s a lot more complicated that I thought it was’. This is an epic, vivid, emotionally involving, thought-provoking novel from a writer of distinction.”


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