Olivia Lee launches new album

With 58 fucks, 16 shits, 7 arseholes, 5 twats, 4 tits, 3 wanks and 1 cunt, the album proudly carries the Parental Advisory Explicit Content label.  Created by comedian and mother Olivia Lee as her own unique spin on mindfulness, it brings laughter and anger therapy together, to battle stress and the pressure of parenting for 21st century mums.

Olivia created and wrote ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To Lose Your Total Fucking Shit’ to help other mums to stay sane on their crazy journey through motherhood by embracing their angry inner selves and sharing in the fact they are not alone in their negative feelings. Ensuring that mums make sure they take a little time to themselves, the album is so X-rated that tracks are not to be listened to in front of the kids!

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