Edwina de Charnace.

Edwina joined Mulcahy Sweeney Associates (literary agency of MMB Creative) two years ago after completing an English Language and Literature degree at Oxford University and an MA in East Asian Art History at SOAS.

Edwina is French-Korean and grew up in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

She moved to the U.K to study English Language and Literature at Oxford University in 2016. Despite speaking several languages, English – her adoptive mother tongue – is the only one she actually enjoys for e-mail. She continues to be surprised by the surprise she elicits when she tells strangers that she is French in a non-French-sounding accent. She has yet to be told she sounds ‘pretty English’ (whatever that means) and has mixed feelings about the prospect.

Edwina is fascinated by the relationship between language and group identity – are we what we say and how we sound?

To try and answer such questions, she hops between her schooling in Dickens, Camus and the rest of the canonical lot, and contemporary writers interested in cross-cultural exchange and interaction.

Edwina’s Korean heritage gives her a soft spot for writing from or about East Asia. She loves stories centring on relationships and group dynamics and will read anything promising answers to the question of belonging (a start will do). 

For submissions from East and Southeast Asia, please refer to our guidelines. 

Her current authors write literary fiction, memoir, domestic suspense, narrative non-fiction and self-help. 

If you have a campus novel, you’ll grab her attention instantly.

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