Africa Brooke.



Agent: Ivan Mulcahy

Africa Brooke is a globally recognised consultant, mentor, and speaker. She specialises in helping people in and out of the public eye navigate personal and professional challenges relating to self-sabotage and self-censorship. Having first gained recognition in 2016 when she began documenting her arduous journey to sobriety, Africa’s personal story became the motivation she needed to get trained and start a career in personal development.

She’s been a featured guest on ITV, BBC Radio One, BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds, has delivered keynotes at Cambridge University, consulted and coached the likes of Universal Music Group and Rolls Royce, and written for publications including The Guardian. She hosts a self-improvement and philosophy podcast, Beyond the Self. You can follow her work on Instagram where she boasts an audience of over 245,000 followers, and high engagement rates primarily from the UK and US.

Africa is widely known for publishing a viral 4000-word open letter in January 2021 titled ‘Why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness’. Initially shared to a modest email list, the letter has now been read and shared by over 7 million people worldwide.

Combining her expertise in coaching and consulting, she has created a powerful self-help guide to encourage people to own their thoughts and say what they believe. She offers a three-step route to identify your fears, find the strength to overcome them, and activate the confidence for mindful expression -even, or perhaps especially, when what you have to say goes against the status quo. Her ARE (Awareness, Responsibility, Expression) method grew out of her former struggles with addiction, which taught her the importance of facing truths we deny and being willing to risk rejection to become our most authentic selves.

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