Cameron Curtis.


Cameron Curtis has spent thirty years on trade floors as a trader and risk manager. He was on the trade floor when Saddam’s tanks rolled into Kuwait. When the air wars opened over Baghdad and Belgrade. When the financial crisis almost swallowed the world whole. Having written fiction since childhood, he is the author of the BREED thriller series from Inkubator Books.

The series follows the adventures of Breed, a former Special Forces sniper. The novels are marked by fast-paced plots, interesting locations, and relevance to current issues.

The first novel in the series, DANGER CLOSE, is a revenge thriller set in Texas and Mexico. It deals with current issues of terrorism and human trafficking.

The second, OPEN SEASON, is a romantic chase thriller set in the mountains of Afghanistan. Breed sets out to rescue an American woman soldier kidnapped by the Taliban. Cameron likes to say the novel was an homage to Rudyard Kipling and The Man Who Would Be King. It might as easily have been set in the 19th Century as the 21st.

TARGET DECK, the fourth novel, is a mission to destroy a bat cave on the China-Vietnam border. The men who can take Breed to the bat cave are the surviving members of Breed’s father’s special forces team from the Vietnam war.

The fourth, CLOSE QUARTERS, is an encounter with evil in the depths of the Amazon. Breed is sent up the river on a gunboat. His mission is to find the daughter of an Irish-American billionaire. The girl, determined to protect indigenous tribes, has gone missing in the wake of a guerrilla ambush.

The fifth novel, BROKEN ARROW, takes Breed to Japan, where he faces a killer more dangerous than any he has encountered. BROKEN ARROW will be released in August, 2022.


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