Target Deck (Breed Book 3)

Cameron Curtis / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Inkubator Books

Date Published

October 31st, 2021

The doomsday weapona monster in a bat cave. Only Breed can destroy it.

Late in 1974, six Green Berets were sent into China on a desperate mission. They were called the Black Sheep. Compromised, the mission failed. The men fled through a bat cave and barely escaped with their lives.

Fifty years later, assassins are killing the Black Sheep one by one. Their leader, Sam Crockett, was a close friend of Breed’s father. When Crockett goes missing, Breed sets out to find the vet, and thwart the assassins sent to kill him.

Breed finds Crockett and learns the horrifying secret of the bat cave. Anya Stein, of the CIA, sends Breed on a mission tailor-made for a man of his lethal qualifications. The only problem—it could be his last.

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