Eleanor Burt.




Agent: Edwina de Charnace

Eleanor Burt (@postureellie) is a Posture Coach who helps people all over the world move their way back to ease of movement and freedom from pain. Posture Ellie’s opening gambit to most people is that the word ‘posture’ has been completely misappropriated. Improving your ‘posture’ is not just sitting up straight and pulling the shoulders back (for most people this will actually cause more problems as they throw the ribcage up and hyperextend the lower back), it’s about the art of restoring function to all the muscles in the body, making sure that no joint or range of motion is left forgotten. Your posture is the way you move through life in everything that you do and engage with the world around you, it’s not just about how you sit or stand.

Posture Ellie is on the campaign trail to revolt against the general rhetoric that pain is an inevitability of ageing and that surgery, painkillers and rest are the only way to fight this losing battle. Pain isn’t an inevitability of ageing, but it is a result of long-term imbalance and compensation caused by weak, dysfunctional muscles. The problem is that most people don’t know how to even begin to start to restore this function and balance and many ‘experts’ only focus on the symptoms/areas that hurt.

This is where Posture Ellie comes to the rescue. She leads people through her YouTube, her Online Monthly Membership Platform, her Group Coaching Programmes, her 1-2-1 work and her public speaking engagements. She has worked with companies like HSBC, Amazon, Ella’s Kitchen and many more as part of their corporate well-being packages.

Away from her work saving the world and their ‘creaky bits’, she is an avid reader and an avid mover. Yoga, Pilates, climbing, hiking and the gym are all part of a normal week for Ellie, who lives in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District National Park. She aims to live her truth, be honest and authentic and to lead by example … aka keep moving pain free every day.


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