Elizabeth Meehan.


Agent: Ivan Mulcahy

Elizabeth is a writer, writing for the 21st century reader. Evoking an up-close, immersive reading experience, readers are thrown in to the story, the one unfolding on the page as well as their own.

She completed an MPhil in Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin, where she set about finding the best way  to tell a story that reveals its deeper truth. Pulling the threads of the things we do, or don’t do, Elizabeth keeps unravelling the surface layer until she gets to the real story unfolding underneath. Until she exposes the things that affect us but that we can’t see, and which are often more important than what’s right in front of us. Unveiling the emotional landscape and inner world, her work challenges the narratives and stories we tell ourselves about who we are that are often as fabricated as any fictional novel.

Her debut novel, ego actually, is written in the present moment, second person point of view. Here, the reader is thrown into the thought processes of the protagonist seeking to navigate the emotionally complex world of the intimate narcissistic relationship. It exposes the psychologies and the family dynamics that shape the beliefs about who we are and what we deserve. It is the universal story about power dynamics in relationships and how easily we stop being ourselves long before we even realise. It’s about how we find our way back and how love sometimes isn’t love at all, it’s pure ego. This is everyone’s story.

Inspired by life events, ego, actually will help readers navigate their own relationships and honour their red-flag moments.

This genre traversing novel will follow on from instinctive and emerging styles, such as Anna Burn’s Milkman.

She lives in an old renovated Victorian house build at the turn of the century, which overlooks a river.

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