Emma Simpson.




Agent: Edwina de Charnace

Emma Simpson is a wild swimmer and life-long hobbyist writer specialising in narrative non-fiction. Having spent a couple of decades being distracted by a career as an air traffic controller and experiencing two life-wrenching events, Emma rediscovered her pen and her passion for storytelling at the same time as discovering how transformational cold-water swimming was for her health, wellbeing, and sense of connection with the world. Trained in coaching psychology, she has combined her years as an observer of human behaviour in high stress environments with her love for listening to people’s tales around the shores of a lake; mug of steaming hot tea in hand.  Emma holds these stories with great care and trust as she reflects on the great oral storytelling traditions of our past.

Her current book is an exploration into the primal powers of femininity and water; community and nature, with stories gathered from around the world that demonstrate the power of connection and humanity in an increasingly crazy society. Future offerings include tales from Ireland, the land of her ancestry, and a collection of soul stories showcasing the astonishing beauty and simplicity of people’s actions in the everyday.

Emma can generally be found swimming in rivers in a bikini in the snow, drinking tea with friends, or embarrassing her children with her compulsion to talk with anyone she meets.

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