Ivor Baddiel.


Ivor Baddiel has been eking out a living as a writer since the mid-nineties, a fact that, since that time, has rarely ceased to amaze him. In a previous life he was a Residential Social Worker, a TEFL teacher and a Primary School teacher, experiences that he cherishes and his one time pupils and ex-colleagues have tried to obliterate from their memories.

Ivor writes extensively for television and includes amongst the glittering array of celebrities who have employed him the likes of Stephen Fry, Graham Norton, Joan Rivers, Dermot O’ Leary, James Nesbitt, Claudia Winkleman, Bruce Forsyth, Ant and Dec, Julian Clary, Ricky Tomlinson, Johnny Vaughn, Dara O’Briain and Danny Wallace. (He could go on, but feels the point is made, whatever that point might be).

Ivor is the author of 23 books ranging from those for the youngest reader (Cock-A-Doodle-Quack-Quack, published by David Fickling Books) to those for the slightly older reader (Ultimate Football published by Dorling Kindersley, Mystical Magic published by Scholastic) to those for the more mature reader (Not The Highway Code published by Wiedenfeld and Nicolson, Bottle published by Mainstream).

Ivor’s natural metiers, if he can be so bold, are comedy/humour, football and children’s books.

Ivor is slightly overweight and loves the Canadian rock band Rush.

Okay, he’s really overweight.

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