Cyborg Cat and the Masked Marauder

Ivor Baddiel / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Templar Publishing

Date Published

March 5th, 2020

Cat-like reflexes, cyborg superpowers … you’ve never met a superhero who rolls like this!

After an eventful trip to the Creepy Crawly House at the safari park on a school trip, Ade and the Parsons Road Gang are feeling good – even if Ade’s legs are getting weaker and he needs the wheelchair more, it’s okay because he’s learned some cool moves with his wheels. He’s been invited to join Salim’s wheelchair basketball team and life feels good.

There’s only one problem – to be on the team he needs a sports wheelchair. And that costs a lot of money. So Ade and his friends set about fundraising. It’s all going well until someone starts to disrupt the events, and some of the money goes missing too. Who is the Masked Marauder who’s determined to stop Ade from getting his wheels?

Ade’s superhero alter ego Cyborg Cat is going to need all his wits about him to tackle an unexpected enemy. His superpowers and special skills are up against the biggest test yet…

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