Lisa McInerney.

Author / Scriptwriter




Agent: Ivan Mulcahy

Lisa McInerney was born in Galway in 1981. Her debut novel The Glorious Heresies won the 2016 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction and the 2016 Desmond Elliott Prize.

In 2006 she started a blog about working class life in a Galway council estate, ‘Arse End of Ireland’, through which she documented Irish life with a kind of gleeful cynicism. In the same year, The Irish Times called her ‘. . . the most talented writer at work today in Ireland’, and author Belinda McKeon said that ‘she takes the Celtic Tiger by the scruff, and gives it a sound kicking in prose that sears’.

Lisa’s short stories have been published in Faber’s Town and Country anthology, in The Long Gaze Back, New Island’s anthology of Irish women writers, in The Stinging Fly, on BBC Radio 4 and Granta.

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