Mimi Red.


Agent: Ivan Mulcahy

Mimi Red, aged 21, was in the final stage of her interview at the Playboy Club in London when they asked her: Where do you see yourself in ten years time? Instead of saying head bunny, centre-fold or one of Hefner’s wives, Mimi told the truth: she wanted to be a writer, and she wanted to be writing a book. This was obviously the wrong answer because despite her good looks, sharp tongue and undeniable magnetism, Miss Red didn’t get the job.


Fortunately for Mimi though this particular shortcoming cleared the stage for a series of brilliant and tragic events including getting her dream job, losing her dream job, falling in love, never falling out of love—and in a horrible end that paved the way for a glorious re-beginning: signing a contract to be a sex slave with an ex-politician. All of which turned out to provide Mimi Red with some very meaty things to write about.


Ten years on and Mimi has achieved her dream twice over: not only has she just finished writing her memoir Taking Sweets from Strangers but she is currently in the thick of writing her first novel about a group of vigilante sex workers and a man named Black Jesus.

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