Zeynep Demirelli.




Agent: Edwina de Charnace

Zeynep Demirelli MSc. is a therapist, influencer and eating disorder survivor. After battling with eating disorders half her life, she now has her own practice helping others, not only through individual therapy sessions, but also through her Instagram @realistic.body.therapist. She shares her experiences and reflections on the struggles of body image, diet culture and eating disorders.

In a culture where body positivity rules the discourse on how we ‘should be’ treating our bodies, Zeynep strives for a more “realistic” outlook on eating disorder recovery.  She challenges conventional portrayals of recovery as a fun, empowering and liberating process by addressing what is all too often left out: the slip-ups, tears, and frustrations. Recovery is tough and it certainly isn’t linear. Zeynep is brutally honest about these realities, which crop up before, during and after eating disorder recovery. Her approach is not to fully reject societal standards, but to co-exist with them.

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