Danger Close – Book 1 of the Breed series

Danger Close – Book 1 of the Breed series - Book cover
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico
  • Vibe: Their plan to attack the homeland was perfect, but they made one mistake—Breed.
  • Period: Present Day

Ex-Delta Force sniper Breed has spent most of his life at war and now he’s trying to make time for peace. But when a veteran from his old unit is beheaded in El Paso, Breed feels duty bound to bring the killer to justice. A feeling that only grows stronger when his friend’s widow and son are also murdered.

As he struggles to uncover the truth, Breed finds himself working with some unlikely allies – a devious CIA operative, and a determined Latina reporter who is investigating the trafficking of underage girls. Together, they uncover a conspiracy. An unholy alliance of cartel traffickers and terrorists to launch a massive attack on US soil.

The terrorists are confident—But they have reckoned without one thing—Breed.

UK Publisher: Inkubator Books

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