Jasper & Scruff series (4 books)

Jasper & Scruff series (4 books) - Book cover
  • Vibe: A laugh-out-loud tale of friendship with colour illustrations, perfect for new readers moving on from picture books, about an unlikely pair that learns about determination and working together.

Jasper & Scruff (Book 1):

Smart kitty. Mucky pup. Here comes trouble…Jasper has everything he could want – a fancy apartment, bow ties in every colour and a large book collection. The only thing he’s missing is the right type of friends! Jasper wants to become a member of ‘The Sophisticats’, a society for exceptional felines, more than anything. When they accept Jasper’s dinner invitation, he knows his chance to impress has arrived. But a boisterous puppy called Scruff follows Jasper home and his evening doesn’t quite go to plan…

Hunt for the Golden Bone (Book 2):
As Jasper and Scruff prepare for a day in their new bookshop, a mysterious package is delivered, containing a rare book written by the great seafaring cat herself, Black Whiskers. Inside, they discover a treasure map, and together the friends set out on a quest to find the legendary golden bone. But little do they realize that their old enemies, the Sophisticats, might have a paw in things…
The Talent Show (Book 3):
When Jasper and Scruff come across a flier for a talent show at the Velvet Theater, they’re very excited. Scruff wants to team up with Jasper, but Jasper is having none of it as he wants the limelight all to himself! The whole town turns out to audition, including the Sophisticats. Scruff impresses the judges at the auditions, however, Jasper fails to make it to the final round. Scruff persuades his friend to take part in his magic act, but on the day of the final round, they start to suspect that the Sophisticats are up to something. Can the friends get to the bottom of the plot–or is the show over for Jasper and Scruff?
Great Cat Cake-off (Book 4):
Jasper and Scruff’s latest venture, Paws Diner, is a big success. Customers come from far and wide to sample their Salted Caramel Cake and the place is always packed. Until, that is, The Sophisticafé opens across the street. Determined not to be outdone by their old enemies, The Sophisticats, Jasper sets to work on a fancy new menu. But while Jasper hopes to gain a coveted three paw rating from the great restaurant critic Gaspard le Skunk, Scruff worries that his friend is forgetting about their loyal regulars. Worse still, The Sophisticats have heard that Gaspard is paying the diner a visit and have cooked up a fiendish plan…

Reading age: 5-8

UK Publisher: Stripes Publishing

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