Open Season – Book 2 of the Breed series

Open Season – Book 2 of the Breed series - Book cover
  • Dramatic Rights: Available
  • Setting: Badakhshan, Nuristan, Kunar Provinces in Afghanistan
  • Vibe: The Taliban want her dead. But first they have to get past Breed.
  • Period: Present Day

Breed, a Delta Force veteran, is surprised when he is called to meet an old acquaintance—CIA agent Anya Stein. She offers Breed a mission he can’t refuseto rescue an American soldier, Robyn Trainor, held captive in the mountains of Afghanistan.

When the mission goes sideways, the Taliban hunt Breed and Robyn over some of the harshest terrain on the planetthousand-foot cliffs, whaling wind, and freezing nights. It’s a landscape from hell, every bit as lethal as the killers chasing them.

As the Taliban close in, Breed finds the stakes are higher than he ever dreamedbecause Robyn Trainor is not what she seems… she is part of a greater game which will be played out in an explosive showdown in Washington DC.

UK Publisher: Inkubator Books

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