Fiend of the Seven Sewers (Volume 4) (Nothing to See Here Hotel)

Steven Lenton / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Simon & Schuster

Date Published

August 20th, 2020

The latest instalment of the award-winning Nothing To See Here Hotel series written by Steven Butler, publishing Summer 2020!

Life is never dull for Frankie Banister and the weird and wonderful guests of The Nothing to See Here Hotel – the no.1 holiday destination for magicals! But when Frankie is kidnapped and dragged off to a secret cistern-city deep in the dookiest depths of the sewers, things get a whole lot weirder!

What has Frankie done to offend the mysterious ‘Boss’? Is he doomed to spend the rest of his life griping in the piping? Will he ever escape the dark and disgusterous dungeons? And what exactly is the gut-gurglingly named Poodly-Pipe?

One thing’s for sure, Frankie is going to have to outwit old enemies and rely on new friends if he ever wants to see his HONKHUMPTIOUS home again…

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