How to Grow a Unicorn

Steven Lenton / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

June 17th, 2021


Gautier-Languereau (French) Rosman (Russian) 2020 Editora (Portuguese) De Vier Windstreken (Dutch) Turbine (Danish) Ravensburger (German) Morfem (Slovenian) Euromedia (Czech) The Kitap Yayinlari (Turkish) PRH Spain (Spanish) Patakis (Greek)

Welcome to Mr Pottifer’s Parlour of Plants: a magical shop with the most surprising plants you’ll ever see!

Sarah thinks she’s discovered the perfect gift for her garden-loving grandma, but before you can say GARDEN FULL OF UNICORNS, things grow wildly out-of-hand!

Live your own hilarious unicorn fantasy in this rip-roaring, rhyming delight from a terrifically talented new picture book author, with illustrations from the brilliant, bestselling illustrator Steven Lenton – illustrator of Shifty McGifty and The Hundred and One Dalmations picture book.

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