Gringer the Whinger

Sheena Dempsey / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Golden Key

Date Published

September 18th, 2017

Gringer the Whinger is a naughty and irritating dragon who visits the family when things are becoming tense or disagreeable. With his whingy voice and cheeky ripostes, he commands Mammy’s attention and stretches her patience to the limit, much to the delight of the children and the exasperation of their weary daddy. The book is beautifully illustrated by Cork-born Sheena Dempsey, who captures the humour and domestic mayhem of life with small children just perfectly. She has received an IDI Irish Design Award 2017 for her work on Gringer. The debut author is Jane Landy, a one-time demented mother from Skerries. Back in the day, she had many an altercation with Gringer. The book is printed by Turners of Longford, making it an all-Irish production.

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