Shakespearean Rhetoric (Arden Performance Editions)

Benet Brandreth / History

Book cover

UK Publisher

The Arden Shakespeare

Date Published

April 22nd, 2021

Classical Rhetoric, the art of persuasion, formed the sum and substance of Shakespeares education and was the basis of his understanding of the power of language and how it worked to move, delight and teach.

Rhetoric, which seeks to explain the way that language works to influence others, provides a powerful, transformative tool for approaching text in performance.

This book helps you understand the key concepts of rhetoric. It gives clear explanations, stripped of jargon, and examples of rhetorical technique in the plays. It also provides engaging, practical exercises to unlock character and to identify themes in the plays through the lens of rhetoric.

Academically rigorous, based on more than a decade of practical experience in the use of rhetoric in drama at the highest level, it is an ideal companion for anyone engaging with Shakespeare in performance.

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