Benet Brandreth.

Author / Scriptwriter

Agent: Ivan Mulcahy

Benet Brandreth is a scriptwriter based in London.

Benet’s writing career began with his 2011 award-winning one-man show, The Brandreth Papers, which was a five-star sell out at the Edinburgh Festival and on its London run.  Since  then he has written two novels that take William Shakespeare as their hero.  They were critically lauded with particular praise for his dialogue and use of language.  His novels draw on his deep knowledge of Shakespeare’s use of language – Benet is an expert on classical rhetoric and since 2005 he has been the rhetoric coach to, among others, the Royal Shakespeare Company.  He has written for radio and for television and is currently developing a comedy-drama for Hare & Tortoise about being really, really ill.  He continues to write and perform his one-man shows.  His 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show was another five-star sell out hit: “Nothing Brandreth does or says is down to chance, with every word precisely chosen and devastatingly deployed and every anecdote holding its place in the bigger picture, exposing the clumsiness of any stand-up who thinks a couple of callbacks is all you need to show structure. They could learn a lot from this stylish and funny show; the rest of us can just enjoy a brilliant, witty man at his peak.”-  Chortle.  When not writing Benet is a highly-regarded barrister specialising in Intellectual Property rights and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2018.  His experiences are the basis for his work on a new series of legal thrillers in development.


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