Speak Up!

Nathan Bryon / Dapo Adeola / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher


Date Published

May 25th, 2023

Join the brilliantly passionate and instantly loveable Rocket as she organises a peaceful protest to save her local library!

Bookworm Rocket loves to collect new books on her weekly visit to the library, and to read all about inspirational figures like Rosa Parks. She is heartbroken when she discovers the library will be closing down! Can she use what she’s learnt from Rosa and speak up to save the day?

This empowering, heartwarming picture book is a love letter to libraries and the power of reading. And it shows the incredible power we ALL have when we find our voice and speak up about the things that matter.

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Adeola’s bright illustrations capture the energy and dynamism of Rocket and her passion...Sure to inspire young readers to speak up for the causes they believe in.

- Heidi Dechief, School Library Journal, June 2023

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