The Dream Team: Jaz Santos vs. the World

Priscilla Mante / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

Puffin (Penguin)

Date Published

May 27th, 2021

Things begin to go wrong for Jaz when her mum moves out, leaving her family behind.

Determined to fix everything, she creates her own girl’s football team to be the star her mum always wanted.

First, she recruits a brilliant new group of friends to join her team. But after a shaky start, seven very different personalities to manage, and no one at school taking the girls’ team seriously, football stardom feels a long way off.

Can Jaz keep everyone – and herself – out of trouble long enough to convince her mum to come home?

A relatable, inclusive story about families, unlikely friendships and girl power. Perfect for fans of Ella on the Outside and Jacqueline Wilson.


Exciting, original and heart-warming.

- Jacqueline Wilson

Priscilla Mante is an author to watch.

- Aisha Bushby

Football-crazed readers of eight-plus will relish Jaz Santos vs the World (Puffin) by Priscilla Mante, following a young football player determined to do her warring parents proud by taking a winning team to the Brighton girls’ under-11s tournament. A deliciously dramatic and funny debut, its brave underdogs and sporting triumphs are interwoven with the sadness of family conflict, as well as a strong sense of hope.

- The Guardian

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