Don’t Even Think About It

Roisin Meaney / Children's

Book cover

UK Publisher

The O’Brien Press

Date Published

June 7th, 2013



Age Group: 10-13

Liz Jackson is living with her dad since her mum walked out, and things aren’t going well at home. She starts to write a diary, in which she catalogues the ups and downs of being an almost-teenager…

Hi, I’m Liz Jackson. I’m 13 (almost).

I’m also a latchkey kid since Mam walked out: now it’s just me and Dad and big-bum Marjorie, oh, and my best friend Bumble (soon to be ex-best friend).

Things I love: White Musk perfume, Eminem, pepperoni and pineapple pizza and the pizza delivery boy.

Things I hate: the girl next door, my Dad’s lumpy porridge and my gross chin dimple.

Things I’m terrified of: my first date (coming up soon), my first date (not long now), and my first date (just around the corner).

This is my diary. Anyone who opens it will die a slow and horrible death.

So Don’t Even Think About It!

Don’t Even Think About It is part of the O’Brien Press’s new Journal series for girls.

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