The Things We Do for Love

Roisin Meaney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Hachette Books Ireland

US Publisher

Grand Central Publishing

Date Published

September 8th, 2011


Newton Compton (Italian)

One crisp September evening art teacher Audrey Matthews sits alone in room six at Carrickbawn Senior College, wondering if anyone is going to sign up for her Life Drawing for Beginners class.

By eight o’clock six people have arrived. Six strangers who will spend two hours together every week until Halloween, learning the fine art of life drawing.

Nobody could have predicted on that cold autumn day the profound effect the class would have on its students and their lives.

Least of all Audrey, the biggest beginner of all, who is to discover that once you keep an open mind, life – and love – can throw up more than a few surprises …

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