The Last Week of May

Roisin Meaney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Hodder Headline Ireland

Date Published

May 17th, 2007


Blanvalet (German)
Eksmo (Russian)

As May fits into her new life we meet her friend Pam and her husband Jack – but why is Pam terrified to tell Jack that she’s pregnant?

And then there’s Denis and Bernard, May’s next-door neighbours, going about their business oblivious to the deadly threat that lurks close by.

There’s Paddy, who lives on his own yet never seems to be at home.

And Paul, three doors up, willing to risk everything for an affair with Carmel, the young teacher who has yet to learn that there’s a price to pay for having something that shouldn’t be yours.

But what May can’t figure out is who gave her the beautiful shell necklace and was it really meant for her?

On this one particular week, all is about to change for the inhabitants of Kilpatrick and May discovers that while only love can break your heart, only love can put it back together.

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