S.J.A. Turney.




Agent: Sallyanne Sweeney

Having spent much of his childhood visiting historic sites, Simon fell in love with the Roman heritage of the region, beginning with the world famous Hadrian’s Wall. His fascination with the ancient world snowballed from there with great interest in Egypt, Greece and Byzantium, though his focus has always been Rome. A born and bred Yorkshireman with a love of country, history and architecture, Simon spends most of his rare free time travelling the world visiting historic sites, writing, and researching the ancient world.

While working in IT, Simon spent his spare time on an epic journey to turn Caesar’s Gallic War diaries into a novel accessible to all. The first volume of Marius’ Mules was completed in 2003 and has garnered international success and bestseller status, spawning a series. Marius’ Mules is still one of Simon’s core series and as well as Roman fiction, he has now written Byzantine, Fantasy, Viking and Medieval series.


With in excess of 40 novels, Simon is a prolific writer, spanning genres and eras and releasing novels both independently and through renowned publishers including Canelo, Head of Zeus and Orion.

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