The Last Crusade (Knights Templar Book 6)

S.J.A. Turney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Independently published

Date Published

January 12th, 2021

The unforgettable finale to S.J.A. Turney’s epic Knights Templar series.As Arnau and his battle-weary Templars head home from battle, they face a new, insidious challenge: one seemingly from within the Order of the Temple itself.Word reaches them that the stronghold of Rourell is under the command of a new preceptor, but why?Surrounded by old friends, Arnau must now face enemies of his past, and present. This time the rot goes deep – and high. From gilded palace libraries to blood-soaked sieges, this is a fight that will test him like never before…A thrilling story of revenge, this is the blistering conclusion to Turney’s masterful Knights Templar series, perfect for readers of Bernard Cornwell and Ben Kane.

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