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UK Publisher


Date Published

April 1st, 2018


Newton Compton (Italian)
Siyah Kitap (Turkish)
Psichogios (Greek)
Znanje (Croatian)
Ranok (Ukrainian)
Espasa Calpe (Spanish)
Azbooka (Russian)
Ullstein Verlag (German)

Dramatic Rights


This is Rome’s most infamous emperor as you’ve never seen him: a loving brother, reluctant ruler and tortured soul. Narrated by his youngest sister Julia Livilla who was ultimately banished by him, Caligula takes the reader through Caligula’s reign and beyond, packed with twists and turns, intrigue, conspiracies and violence – and attempts to re-define what Roman means forever.

The first in the Damned Emperors series by SJA Turney.


Energetic and intelligent

- Mary Beard, TLS

Evocative, researched to the inch and a truly different take on one of history's villains . . . All through this I am seeing Al Pacino in The Godfather, slowly stained darker and darker by power and blood.

- Robert Low

A cracking book, alive with the sights, sounds - and stench - of an ancient Rome brought vividly to life by one of the rising stars of the genre.

- Manda Scott

Enthralling and original, brutal and lyrical by turns.

- Anthony Riches

An inspired new take on Caligula that combines the pace of a thriller with the grand sweep of a tragedy - a gripping read that echoes in the memory long after the last page is turned.

- Ruth Downie, author of the Medicus series

A harrowing and visceral tale that draws you into the pulsing heart of Ancient Rome.

- Gordon Doherty, author of the Legionary series

In this compelling ancient-world saga, Turney skilfully reimagines the life of history's most reviled emperor. Told from the eyes of Caligula's clever and devoted sister, it's a fascinating, fast-paced, page-turner!

- Stephanie Dray, NYT bestselling author of LILY OF THE NILE

A powerfully moving read from one of the best ancient world authors in the business.

- Kate Quinn

Compelling, claustrophobic, and utterly convincing, this is a story of gilded lives on the edge of a precipice.

- Ian Ross

Compelling, claustrophobic, and utterly convincing, this is a story of gilded lives on the edge of a precipice.

- Barry Forshaw

A mesmerising, haunting and disturbing portrait of Caligula, his family and Rome during the first century AD.

- Sunday Express

[M]asterful, persuasive writing ... finding humanity and redeeming qualities in one of history's most reviled villains is a bold move but, in Turney's hands, it pays off.

- The Lady

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