Marius’ Mules VIII: Sons of Taranis

S.J.A. Turney / Fiction

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UK Publisher

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date Published

August 21st, 2015

51 BC. In the aftermath of the dreadful siege of Alesia the tribes of Gaul lie broken and sparse, and yet the fires of rebellion still burn in the hearts of a few. As Caesar and his army continue to pacify the land wherever revolt can be found, a new conspiracy is rising.Lucterius of the Cadurci, survivor of Alesia, seeks to raise a new great revolt, building an army in his homeland while a small group of dangerous warriors embark upon a secret and dangerous mission to rebuild all that was lost in that great siege.Meanwhile, Marcus Falerius Fronto tries to adjust to life as a wine merchant in Massilia, little suspecting that old friends and new will soon be fighting alongside him as the last great threat from Gaul is brought right to his door.The final battle for Gaul is about to begin.


Masterful storytelling - Marius' Mules just keeps on getting better

- Hoover Book Reviews

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