Iron and Gold: 3 (Wolves of Odin)

S.J.A. Turney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Canelo Adventure

Date Published

November 17th, 2022

The wolves of Odin land in Italy, and the tantalising scent of gold is in the air…

AD 1043. Having escaped Constantinople with their lives – barely – but not their ship, Halfdan and the wolves of Odin are now mercenaries in the Byzantine army, sailing to Apulia in Italy to help retake territory from the Normans.

But cracks are beginning to show among the tight-knit wolves. Gunnhild, having forsaken the fate woven for her by the Norns in order to continue her journey with Halfdan, has lost her ability to communicate with the goddess Freyja, and so glimpse the future. And Ketil the Icelander, having watched his ship, the Sea Wolf, stolen from him yet again, grows resentful, as seemingly every decision Halfdan makes leads them further from his original promise of riches and renown.

But aboard their ship is an official with secret orders for the general in charge of the Italian campaign, Maniakes. The orders will throw everything into chaos, and put a fork in the path of the wolves of Odin. Each will have a choice to make: loyalty to themselves, or to the pack?

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