Praetorian: The Great Game

S.J.A. Turney / Fiction

Book cover

UK Publisher

Mulcahy Books

Date Published

May 12th, 2015


Newton Compton (Italy)

Dramatic Rights


Promoted to the elite Praetorian Guard in the thick of battle, a young legionary is thrust into a seedy world of imperial politics and corruption. Tasked with uncovering a plot against the newly-crowned emperor Commodus, his mission takes him from the cold Danubian border all the way to the heart of Rome, the villa of the emperor’s scheming sister, and the great Colosseum.

What seems a straightforward, if terrifying, assignment soon descends into Machiavellian treachery and peril as everything in which young Rufinus trusts and believes is called into question and he faces warring commanders, Sarmatian cannibals, vicious dogs, mercenary killers and even a clandestine Imperial agent.

In a race against time to save the Emperor, Rufinus will be introduced, willing or not, to the great game.


Entertaining, exciting and beautifully researched.

- Douglas Jackson

From the Legion to the Guard, from battles to the deep intrigue of court, Praetorian: The Great Game is packed with great characters, wonderfully researched locations and a powerful plot.

- Robin Carter

A tour de force, from the first page to the last, and Mr Turney has thereby presented himself as an author whose books I will proceed to devour, one by one. And as to our black-haired pugilist hero, Rufinus has wormed his way right into my heart – no doubt due to that engaging combination of wit, courage and sheer charm. Ave, Mr Turney, Rome has found a new hero!

- Editor's Choice, Historical Novel Society

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